January 17, 2018

South Florida Chamber of Commerce


South Florida Chamber of Commerce

Tri-County Chamber of Commerce

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South Florida Chamber of Commerce


Everything You Need to Know about the South Florida Chamber of Commerce


If you are a business owner in the Tri-County, then you should be familiar with the South Florida Chamber of Commerce. It is an organization consisting of businesspeople made established to protect and promote the interests of its members. Some of the benefits members get from the association include discount and deals from other members; services and programs to promote business activity in the area; and listing in a member directory.


The chamber of commerce plays an important part in the community in representing chamber members and promoting business activity. For instance, members of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce meet regularly to discuss and develop policies related to the business, as well as the overall economic environment. Members of a chamber of commerce are recognized as local vendors and are found in lists of various local literature and websites.


Chamber of Commerce Directory


As stated above, the chamber of commerce publishes a directory of its members. The chamber updates it annually and given to both members and non-members for free. Members can easily find products and services offered by other members.


The directory is also a good source of leads. It has the contact information of the members and their industry. Some directories even provide more details that include how long they have been in the business and their company size. You can easily approach the other business owner because both of you are part of the chamber of commerce.

Networking Opportunities for Members


Events organized by the South Florida Chamber of Commerce in Florida provide the best networking opportunities. These events allow members to meet and greet one another. You can put your business out there by volunteering to speak at such events. Other members will see you as a leader in your industry by sharing your knowledge and experience with them.


If you are a good writer, then you can volunteer to submit articles to the organization’s newsletter. Most chambers of commerce also participate in charity events and other events organized by community leaders. These events are good for B2C businesses. The newsletter from the chamber of commerce also announces all the upcoming events that make it easy for members to choose which ones they want to attend.


Before joining the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce, determine whether you can offer a special deal or discount for other members of the chamber. You may advertise the promo in the newsletter or the directory. You can also print out a flyer and distribute it during chamber events.


About the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce


The Tri-County Chamber of Commerce is the largest group of business leaders in the region. Business owners in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach are more than welcome to join the chamber of commerce. Their mission is to promote the growth of the local communities within the three counties and at the same time improve the businesses within them. By uniting the local businesses, they become stronger and ready to face any obstacles along the way.

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