April 7, 2018

Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce

Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce

Tri-County Chamber of Commerce

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Pompano Beach chamber of commerce




Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce



Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce

A Pompano Beach chamber of commerce is referred to as a form of business network, formed in association with different businessmen and businesswomen. It is a conglomerated association of a lot of local business done in order to protect and promote the interest of its members. Through this, the members receive various types of benefits including discounts on various deals, business listing, customized program services and many more. The chamber of commerce helps them promote and outreach a business in all parts of the world.

Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce is a famous chamber of commerce located in Broward County, South Florida. The place is located between Palm Beach and Miami and plays an important role in the development of local businesses.

The history of Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce is very interesting. Located in the southernmost point of a railroad station, the city earns its name from one of the Railroad’s employees. The name is originally derived from fish named Pompano, as the area is a shoreline of warm water and Atlantic Sandy beaches.

The Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce is investing their time and money in various kinds of community development program. They are working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well-being of that area through expanding different types of local businesses. Their local council members are selected via election and are made responsible for setting different types of policy for the chamber.

Some of their major functions include:

There is mainly two primary functions of the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce. It acts as s spokesman for a different business community and translates the thinking for these communities. They encourage their members to cater to their business ideas and bring them into action.

Secondly, it also concentrates on service-specific products that will not only help an organization but also built an overall community on a whole.

A Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to build a friendly environment and prosper a business in a lot of creative ways. They mainly promote local business. They work vigorously with a proper planning. Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce also gives inspiration and provides guidance to the newcomers who are unfamiliar with latest business trends and techniques. Investing just the right amount of money is very important while starting a business. Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce also provides guidance regarding that.

Their major plan of action is to improve the economic welfare of a community. This chamber works for both businesses as well as industrial development. This not only supports new residents with their revenues in the community but also provides educational opportunities and business assistance. With their latest marketing and promotional techniques, these chamber of commerce is reaching heights and setting a new benchmark in the field of business.

These chambers also work for the development of highways, recreational areas, new industries and many more. This has increased their demand for services and made them popular. They also provide expansion market for construction, real estate, insurance professionals and widens their business growth. Customers are recommended on a daily basis, where these chambers encourage these people to increase their own well-being while making the society a place worth living.

Pompano chamber of commerce works with utmost loyalty and sticks to their policies. There is no corruption and the rules and regulations are same for all. The rules of all the council members are clearly mentioned in their policies. This is because not only businessmen and common people but council members also need to understand their roles and regulations properly.

The basic functions of the board members include:

  • Set a standard policy for the entire organization.
  • Establish proper structural dues.
  • Evaluate and appreciate the annual performance of the executive director of the chamber.
  • Provide proper facilities to all their members that are required.
  • If there are any changes that need to be done, that must be done only after recommending the changes by proper law.
  • They must approve special expenditures, used during an emergency that was not included in their regular budget.
  • Set a vision or objective through proper programming of the work.
  • Conduct required meetings for various types of reasons that are needed apart from the regular ones.
  • Recruit members if there are any vacancies on the board of directors.


Apart from the above-mentioned functions, these chamber of commerce also plans on:

  • Being present at all the board meetings.
  • Solve and avoid all kinds of conflicts between the citizens and the director.
  • Do proper research before board meetings and enable active participation of all members.
  • Take necessary preparations before the meeting, and get proper idea about the topic.
  • Discuss all the policies before placing them in acting.
  • Set different people in their field of expertise.


This Pompano Beach chamber of Commerce is responsible for establishing all the policies, in relation to the people and the type of business. People are trained on their core duties, in accordance with the policies.

They have a lot of staffs and work is work is divided based on hierarchy. The organization’s objective is to achieve their best through small groups and division of labor. This autonomous organization is working tooth and nail to develop and establish as many businesses as possible. They are bringing in all types of small businesses and helping them reach a platform.

However, a lot of chamber of commerce has been developed over the years, but Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce is considered to be the best when it comes to establishing a great business.