January 17, 2018

Dade County Chamber of Commerce


Dade County Chamber of Commerce

Tri-County Chamber of Commerce

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dade county chamber of commerce




Dade County Chamber of Commerce


What Is a Chamber of Commerce?


Modestly put, it is an association of businesspeople who seek to further their industrial and commercial interests in the community. Businesspersons from cities, towns, and counties form the associations (also called boards of trade).


If a town has about 700 members, they will elect a Board of Directors or the Executive Council. The governing board sets policies for the chamber of commerce. These executive members hire a CEO or Executive Director, or President. They may hire the staff necessary to run the chamber.


A Dade County chamber of commerce, in South Florida, is not a government establishment. Thus, it cannot pass or write laws that favor the business community. However, it can lobby to get laws passed in the county, state, or national level.


Your chamber of commerce may come together to improve their area of operation. They may be involved in projects that bring economic, civil, and social well-being. Effective chambers usually have a forward-thinking board that leads the members towards the accomplishment common goals, and visions.


The chamber can also offer members others services that could boost their businesses like online listing, job postings, networking and learning opportunities.

History of Chambers


The Jersey Chamber was the first English-speaking chamber in the world, established in February 1768. However, the first ever association of businesspersons was founded in Marseille, France, in 1599. The New York City Chamber was also founded, later in 1798.


Some chambers have less than a hundred members, and the largest chamber in the world has over 800,000. In fact, a chamber of commerce can be international.


Local chambers may join the United States Chamber of Commerce or global bodies such as the World chambers, and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).


Is a Chamber of Commerce different from Better Business Bureaus (BBB)


Yes, a BBB can bind its members under a legal doctrine. BBBs present the interests of the public and businesses alike. On the other hand, chambers concern themselves with the interests of their members. However, a chamber can be partially backed by the local government.


Featured Chambers


Dade County Chamber of Commerce


Dade County Chamber of Commerce operates in Georgia. It is headquartered in Trenton City, United States. The chamber’s members include civic organizations, government entities, and businesses.


The members strive to progress the community’s civic and commercial environment. The chamber aims to influence the county’s income, business opportunities, and economic well-being. Its premises also serve as a visitor center. It has formed partnerships with other area organizations, which ensures that its members get the best services.


Tri-County Chamber of Commerce


A tri-county (sometimes tri-cities), describes an area in the US that is bigger than a small town. An excellent example is the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce (TCACC) made of members from northern Chester, western Montgomery, and southeastern Berks counties. The tri-county chamber has been in operation since 1927.


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