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The Tri-County Chamber Of Commerce
Working together to strengthen communities and their Businesses

The Tri County Chamber of Commerce is the first chamber to effectively bring the power and resources from 3 great counties together. We have taken business leaders from all the cities in a Broward County Chamber of Commerce, Dade County Chamber of Commerce and Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce to collectively help Tri-County Chamber businesses thrive. We have an amazing company offering to make free website alterations for all new members. Plus, a panel of industry leaders, called Board of Advisors, which offer our Chamber of Commerce members free consultation to overcome any business related obstacle they may be facing. We promote growth in our communities and in the businesses within them. We have sponsorship, preferred business positions, board of directors chairs, and much more still available. Become a member today!

  • Effective Growth Strategies

  • Stronger, Safer, More Productive

  • Empowering Good Causes

  • Combining Resources To Achieve Goals

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Tri-County Chamber Is Looking For Board Of Directors For 2018

Gino Alissio

President, Tri-County Chamber
Mr. Alessio was the President of one of the most successful chambers in South Florida for over 6 years, Southeast Florida Chamber of Commerce. Prior to that he was the executive of several large chambers serving the same area. After a lifetime in this industry, he has a team in place to grow Tri-County to be one of the largest in the US

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